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The Stand-ON raised Exhibition floor as a permanent part of your stand

The new Stand-ON raised Exhibition floor from ABC Display brings convenience during your exhibition participation. Everything has been thought through in the development of this floor. Not only ease of use because the floor can be assembled in a click without the need for tools, but also because all cables are neatly concealed in the slots created by the design. In addition, the floor can be beautifully finished with sheets in any colour, with text or your advertising campaign, but also with carpeting or a combination of these.

Convenience and safety

The Stand-ON raised Exhibition floor has been developed in such a way that it can be placed on any surface both inside and outside and ensures that you can walk safely over the floor. Finally a floor without loose cables or dirty tape and without bumps under the carpet. Safety before all! In addition, this event floor carries around 900 kilos per tile. So even if you place heavy machinery or fully loaded presentation cabinets on the floor, the floor stays straight. This floor is developed by ABC Display in the Netherlands and produced sustainably, cradle to cradle.


Design floor

Stand-ON Expo Floor is a must, especially for design stands!


Hide and lose the cables

Adhesive or double-sided tape is no longer necessary to secure the carpet and cables.


Practical and decorative

The floor does not require any other finishing but can also be done with carpet or laminate.


Different laying options

Choose transparant cover plates, under which you can place a (colour) print. Create a new look every time.


Easy to place

Place the tiles next to and behind each other and secure the tiles with the integrated clip. Without tools!


Easy transport/storage

The basic tiles are stackable. The tiles are put together in the same way as a building block.


Sustainable production

The floor is produced in The Netherlands and sustainable, cradle to cradle.


Heavy load

The floor handles 900 kg per tile, the tiles do not bend.


Modular extension

The tiles are 50 x 50 cm, for indoor and outdoor use. To be used at any surface.

Each fair a different floor

With the Stand-ON raised Exhibition floor you can easily participate in trade fairs throughout the country. The modular system makes it easy to expand and adapt the floor to any exhibition surface, rectangular or square, large or small. You can also easily renew the design and adapt it to your objectives. Would you like to introduce a new product? Do you have a new communication message? You adapt the design without any problems at every trade fair. For example, you can process your logo in the floor or display coloured surfaces and arrows, but also let the design of the presentation walls continue in the floor design. This way you create a new look every time.

Your stand deserves a raised exhibition floor!

Multifunctional design,quick laying without tools and compact for transport and storage!

The tiles are very practical and decorative, with different laying options! The floor requires no other finish, especially for design stands the modular Stand-ON raised Exhibition floor is a must! If you want a clean finished floor, then you choose the cover plates that are delivered transparently, under which you can place a (removable) print or coloured sheet entirely in your house style or you can finish the floor with carpet and / or laminate. Your choice. Combinations are of course also possible.

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