Walking on the ‘red’ carpet


Not only can you use the STAND-On expo floor for your stand but also as red carpet entering an exhibition or event. How cool is that! With any design you like on the red carpet, like we have delivered here. You will stand out from the crowd with this raised exhibition floor. And all cables are hide away in the floor. The floor stays leveled. Safety first.

Project Details

Various exhibitions

Indoor and outdoor

The Stand-On expo floor is a modular system it can be used at any surface and stand size, whether it is rectangle, square, with or without corners, large or small like the ‘red’ carpet.

Use the stand-On floor in a solid colour or for example place all exhibitioners logo’s on the floor as done here. It is immediately clear who are participating.

If you like to know more about the STAND-On floor, contact our office +31(0)365481122 or send us an email to info@abcdisplay.nl