Choose your coloured sheets


Use any coloured sheets you like for your stand floor. You can use sheets in your house style, matching your presentation walls or you can use sheets in contra colours so the floor will stand out from the competition. You can also use coloured sheets with text.  The great thing is that besides the great design you can make on your floor, you can also hide the cables in no time. Your safety is improved because the floor is levelled. No more stumbling!

Project Details

Vespa 2018 Berlin

Get your personal look and feel

With coloured sheets on the STAND-on floor you can get any look and feel you like! If you like an all black floor that is what you have, would you like various colours, then you have that. You can mix and match any way you want. Choose transparant cover plates, under which you can place a (colour) print. Create a new look every time.

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