A multifunctional raised floor is handy and can be used anywhere. You can use it at a trade show with a design that is fully integrated into your stand and where you hide all your cables. But you can also use the floor in your company or outside.

Multifunctional raised floor for outside

You can also lay the floor outside. The tiles remain upright and can carry up to 900 kilos per tile. You can use it as an entrance, as a presentation floor or as a stage. Enough options.

red carpet stand-on portfolio

A raised floor when traveling

You can easily stack the floor parts as lego blocks and transport them. You snap them together without tools so this raised floor is easy to carry and lay. For example, when presenting your products together with roll banners and a presentation cabinet, you make it into a striking presentation. You can also use the floor again and again for exhibition participation. The floor is easy to adjust to the size of the room. With the top layer you can play and create a different floor every time.

Always safe use

No matter how you use this multifunctional raised floor, it will remain a safe floor, for both indoor and outdoor use. The cables are neatly concealed, so even in bad weather that is no problem.

Do you have questions?

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