Modulair Expo Floor

The basis for your stand!

No Tools Needed to Create the Expo Floor
Unique for Cables
Perfect for Graphics
Portable Transport

Design, Simplicity and Safety

The technology and what YOU need has been 100% thought through. The floor is the largest surface area of your stand so make your floor an advertising carrier with a high-profile photo design on the STAND-ON Expo Floor. Hide the cables in no time. Your safety is improved because the floor is levelled. No more stumbling!

No more tape and cables in sight!

With the new modulair expo floor, you can easily hide and loose the cables. Adhesive or double-sided tape is no longer necessary to secure the carpet and cables. Your safety is improved because the floor is levelled and you or your visitors will no longer stumble over a buckled piece of carpet. Don’t waste any precious time cleaning carpets, cables and floors after your event.

Design your modulair expo floor

The tiles are very practical and decorative, with different laying options! The expo floor does not require any other finishing. Stand-ON is a must, especially for design stands!

If you want a neat finished floor, then choose cover plates that are delivered transparently, under which you can place a (replaceable) print or coloured sheet. This way you create a new look every time. You can combine your stand wall design with the floor design in one complete design or campaign. You can also use the floor as an extra logo carrier.Finishing can also be done with any other upholstery such as floor covering tiles or laminate. Of course, combinations are also possible.

Let’s have a conversation

ABC Display developed and produced the STAND-ON Expo Floor. Do you want more information about the STAND-ON modulair Expo Floor or about ABC Display in Almere?


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