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The Stand-On mobile flooring as a standard feature on your stand

The newly developed and designed Stand-ON mobile flooring by ABC Display is 100% technology thought through. Developed for your needs. As the floor is the largest surface of your stand make use of it!

A modulair floor with style

This mobile flooring makes communicating a lot easier. Not only would you use the walls and columns of your stand to carry your marketing messages and visuals but also your floor! With a high-profile photo design on the Stand-ON floor you create any look you want! With this raised floor, you can easily hide and loose the cables in the slides created by the design of the floor tiles. The floor is safer, because it is levelled at any time due to the click system so your visitors will no longer stumble over a buckled piece of carpet. The floor is practical and sophisticated at the same time.


Design floor

Stand-ON Expo Floor is a must, especially for design stands!


Hide and lose the cables

Adhesive or double-sided tape is no longer necessary to secure the carpet and cables.


Practical and decorative

The floor does not require any other finishing but can also be done with carpet or laminate.


Different laying options

Choose transparant cover plates, under which you can place a (colour) print. Create a new look every time.


Easy to place

Place the tiles next to and behind each other and secure the tiles with the integrated clip. Without tools!


Easy transport/storage

The basic tiles are stackable. The tiles are put together in the same way as a building block.


Sustainable production

The floor is produced in The Netherlands and sustainable, cradle to cradle.


Heavy load

The floor handles 900 kg per tile, the tiles do not bend.


Modular extension

The tiles are 50 x 50 cm, for indoor and outdoor use. To be used at any surface.

A raised mobile flooring for every stand!

The tiles are very practical and decorative, with different laying options!

The tiles are very practical and decorative, with different laying options! The floor does not require any other finishing. Stand-ON is a must, especially for design stands!

If you want a neat finished floor, then choose cover plates that are delivered transparently, under which you can place a (replaceable) print or coloured sheet. This way you create a new look every time. Finishing can also be done with any other upholstery such as floor covering tiles or laminate. Of course, combinations are also possible.

The design of the floor can be changed in no time. Would you like to introduce a new product? Change your marketing message? No problem, you have a new look and feel in a hart beat!

Mobile and multifunctional

Easy to place without tools and easy for transport and storage

The Stand-On mobile flooring is easy to transport due to the Lego like building block stacking system and carried compact. As the floor is a modular system it can be used at any surface and stand size, whether it is rectangle, square, with or without corners, large or small.

The tiles are 50 x 50 cm, for indoor and outdoor use, which results in a strait and beautiful look, even in case of uneven floors! When clicked together they hold up to 900 kg per tile.


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